Q&A With Patricia Garza, Founder of Little Bytes News

Through this network community I hope to build a team of contributors and writers who can work together, support one another, provide feedback and resources to help learn and grow their writing skills and audience.

Q&A With Quique Lopez, CEO of PANORAMAPRESS

I have a daily planner that I have kept since 1987 where I wrote a daily todo list and other notes. I have 30 yearly books where I can go back and view old plans, objectives and ideas. It is a magical book that makes things come to life and keeps alive old moments in time.

Q&A With Latoishanai Jeter, CEO of Qpon Queen WNY

Qpon Queen WNY is a Coupon Consulting Firm that was established in March 2016 when the President and Founder. LatoiShanai T. Jeter wanted to expand from just selling from her stockpile to assist in providing for 8 children on her own after a messy divorce

Q&A With Brendon James, CEO of Alqemy Apparel

My favorite thing about what I do is being able to talk to people and offer them a great experience. Also, there is nothing in the world quite as satisfying to me than to come up with new designs and see how people react to them.

Q&A With Endie Summers, CEO of Healing Health

Keys to my productivity are resting properly and thinking of the end goal. I am truly passionate about my work, so it is always on my mind swaying me to keep learning, working, and growing my company.