Q&A With Ryan Tevepaugh, Real Estate Agent

Ryan Tevepaugh

Ryan Tevepaugh has been an outstanding athlete and competitor all his life. He has been trained from childhood to strive to be a leader and to challenge himself to be the best at whatever his focus is at any moment.

Ryan grew up in a household with two brothers. He was surrounded by sports with both family and friends. He played football, basketball, and baseball. However, the sport that propelled his life into action was baseball. Ryan excelled at baseball throughout high school and college. He was recognized as one of the top-ranked baseball players in the State of Ohio. As a result, he was awarded a baseball scholarship to attend college at the Trinity Christian College in Chicago, Illinois. Ryan was not limited as an athlete; he was also a leader while in college. He played shortstop and was the Captain of the baseball team. Academically, he earned his Bachelors’ degree in Sociology in 2008.

While in Chicago, Ryan worked for a training and fitness center. Continuing his leadership track-record, Ryan began managing a local fitness center. His experience served him well when he returned home to the Cleveland area, where he managed several fitness facilities.

Although he enjoyed a healthy lifestyle and maintaining his fitness, Ryan had other goals he was focusing on. Not long after returning home, he made an investment in his first rental property. It was a single-family dwelling which launched his entrepreneurial life in the real estate industry.

Ryan Tevepaugh is an entrepreneur who enjoys fitness as well as spending time with his family. He is a very involved parent.  As a father, Ryan is training his children as athletes as his father did, before him.

How did sports become such a huge part of your life?


My father was the director of the Youth Sports League. He was also a police officer. He played a vital role in the community. He was well known and well liked. I come from a family of three boys. My father coached all three of us in our sports. We were very involved in sports and attended many of the events. It was an athletically competitive environment. My brothers were always very competitive. That is what sparked my interest in competitive sports. It took off from there.

What kind of sports do you or did you play?


The sports that I have played throughout my formative years were football, basketball, and baseball.


What made you pursue basketball, football, and baseball?


The things that came together when choosing the sports I would participate in were all within my environment. I had two sports-minded brothers, all my friends were involved in sports, my father was very involved and coached many of our sports. It was a very competitive environment at all times. I was striving to be the best. I wanted to be a leader out on the field. It was something that inspired me every day.


Do you still participate in these sports in your spare time now?


I coached Baseball at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio for four years. In 2014 the school went to the world series. It was the first time in the schools’ history that it happened. As of right now, I am involved in youth sports. My kids are currently involved in sports, so I am involved with them as well.


Which of these sports do you find most engaging and rewarding?


I have excelled at baseball throughout my formative years and extended through college. I coached baseball for four years. Baseball teaches you a lot about failure and how to overcome disappointment. It teaches you how to turn things around using mental strength and fortitude. You learn to combat anything that comes at you. You can turn a negative around and make it successful.


Was there ever a time you wished you’d taken up a different set of interests?


There were times that I wished I would have focused on post-secondary academics to gain college credits. But, I was too focused on exercising and working out and being in top physical shape for each sport. It is all hindsight for me but perhaps my kids might be interested in the pursuit of those goals.


Aside from sports, were there other hobbies or interests that made a big impact on your life?

I love to work-out. I always work out. It is the physical and mental aspect that is huge for the wellbeing of your life. I was also getting paid for working out when I managed each fitness center. Staying in shape is pretty cool. I love going fishing. As a kid, we went fishing out on the boat for hours. It is very relaxing.


What inspires you every day?


I would have to say that the thing that inspires me every day is my kids. Just knowing that my kids rely on me every day to help them grow and succeed, keeps me motivated every day.


What about your past/present career? Tell us a bit about that.


I used to be in health and fitness. I was involved in running several fitness facilities. I was responsible for addressing the operations and management of each physical fitness facilities. I ran youth programs. I had to be incredibly innovative to gain new members at our clubs. Following this time, I went into real estate and construction. But this was a very important time in my life. It was great to see people do their workouts and leaving the gym happy, smiling, and reenergized. That was something that motivated me as well.

If you could start all over again would you still choose the same career? Why or why not?


Oh yes absolutely, there is not a question in my mind that I would do it all over again. I love all the sports that I have been involved in. I love working out. I love staying physically fit and physically active. All these things motivate me and I like feeling good. All these things help me along the way to feeling good.

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