An Interview With GoBuyside’s Arjun Kapur

**Update**6.8.18 Follow GoBuyside on Instagram **Update**4.10.18 Learn more about Arjun Kapur and Gobuyside on     Arjun Kapur founded GoBuyside, a 21st century recruitment platform that specializes in working[…]

CEO of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes of Green Structured Homes

Barbara Stokes is currently CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama and is proving to be an incredible asset to the Disaster Relief Construction industry and the nation at large.[…]

Q&A with Congressional Candidate, Helen Alli

Tell us a bit about Alli For Virginia. Alli For VA is the campaign committee for Helen Alli for Congress.  I decided to run for Congress in 2017 because I believed that Americans were losing[…]

Q&A with Cameron Aubernon, Freelance Author

Tell us a bit about Freelance Writing I’m a self-employed freelance writer under my own name, which began in March 2010. I’ve worked with a few clients since then, including Dispatches Europe, Automotive News, The Truth About[…]

Q&A with Khadijah, CEO Newarkspeaks2u

Tell us a bit about Newarkspeaks2u. Newark Speaks 2U is a media company that brings social awareness to communities worldwide through the production of videos, documentaries, movies and other forms[…]

Q&A with Eddie Hamid, CEO of iAdvance Now

Eddie Hamid

Eddie Hamid is among the emerging business leaders of the new generation. He is a financial industry expert who also finds assisting people to attain economic empowerment close to his[…]

Q&A with Steven Naranjo, Wedding Photographer

Tell us a bit about your wedding photography business. I’m working my way to be a full time wedding photographer. It’s been a struggle because it’s such a saturated market especially here in San[…]