Q&A with Congressional Candidate, Helen Alli

Tell us a bit about Alli For Virginia. Alli For VA is the campaign committee for Helen Alli for Congress.  I decided to run for Congress in 2017 because I believed that Americans were losing[…]

Q&A with Cameron Aubernon, Freelance Author

Tell us a bit about Freelance Writing I’m a self-employed freelance writer under my own name, which began in March 2010. I’ve worked with a few clients since then, including Dispatches Europe, Automotive News, The Truth About[…]

Q&A with Khadijah, CEO Newarkspeaks2u

Tell us a bit about Newarkspeaks2u. Newark Speaks 2U is a media company that brings social awareness to communities worldwide through the production of videos, documentaries, movies and other forms[…]

Q&A with Eddie Hamid, CEO of iAdvance Now

Eddie Hamid

Eddie Hamid is among the emerging business leaders of the new generation. He is a financial industry expert who also finds assisting people to attain economic empowerment close to his[…]

Q&A with Steven Naranjo, Wedding Photographer

Tell us a bit about your wedding photography business. I’m working my way to be a full time wedding photographer. It’s been a struggle because it’s such a saturated market especially here in San[…]