Q&A with WegetItDoneMusic

Tell us a bit about Wegetitdonemusic LLC. WeGetItDoneMusic LLC is a team Of Brands That cover music media production for independent artists state to state. What gave you the idea[…]

Q&A with Vicky Johnson, CEO of Staccato

holly ​staccato

I have learned ​It’s OK to be unapologetic​ ​about your needs. ​There are rules and trends all around us that can dictate or persuade us to do things in a certain manner and for many of us, it just doesn’t feel right.



Q&A with PT Bounsana, Founder of Prep Funder

It is better to approach any field with the mindset of knowing nothing, but willing to learn as much as everything along the way. Be hungry enough to ask questions, be hungry enough to accept failure, be hungry enough to keep striving regardless of the obstacles that make come your way.

Q&A With Tracie L. James, Leadership Strategist

“I’m passionate about helping people accomplish their goals consistently and live to their full potential. There’s nothing better than watching a person do what they were created to do… operate in their talents fully.”