Exclusive Interview With Florida Business Coach David Giertz

David Giertz, former director of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial, assisted the corporation in realizing a sizable profit. With more than 30 years as a professional within the financial services field, Mr. Giertz also qualified as a certified business coach with the World Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

Before working at Nationwide, Mr. Giertz was a successful financial services officer at Citigroup global bank. David worked his way up the ladder into the area director position. Finally, David became the executive vice president of sales. David Giertz has a prestigious Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Miami and a Bachelor of Science degree from Millikin University.

How do you create and develop your ideas?

During a period when many professionals left their jobs to work for other companies, statistics indicated that these executives were unhappy with their positions. Due to a lack of communication, these employees felt they could find greater happiness working for other organizations. I thought of a plan revolving around mandatory meetings twice a year. Top performers were required to participate in the business meetings.

These semi-annual meetings were designed so that senior executives could discuss their concerns and also help the company management make improvements in communication techniques. Furthermore, the meetings enabled employees to learn about advanced leadership skills with the aim of receiving job promotions.

The results of my plan demonstrated the fact that participating employees became more reluctant to find jobs at other companies. In addition, the employees formed a united community exhibiting advanced and impressive Gallup scores.

How is it that your ideas become living entities?

My idea eventually transforms itself into reality by introducing top performers to the basic concept and asking them for their valued feedback. My experience has shown that a wide array of opinions leads to one solid idea with tremendous potential for improvement and implementation. When employees own unified ideas, these concepts take on amazing qualities.

How do you spend your time in any given day?

First, it is important to understand that each day differs from other days. However, I try to start every day by eating a hearty and nutritious breakfast while reading the daily newspaper. I usually start my day early in the morning so that I have ample time to invent a strategic plan of action prior to participating in business meetings. I firmly believe in detailed preparation.

My main concern is to comprehend the needs of loyal clients and potential new customers. I want to understand the general atmosphere of our company. I value reading additional resource materials. I have discovered that clients frequently offer the best feedback for ways to improve our company and its services.

I like to eat nourishing food for lunch. I typically check my emails and the current news while enjoying the meal in my office. After I finish eating lunch, I go for a 15-minute walk outdoors. Before leaving the workplace, I resolve any pending problems.

Do you have one specific habit that helps your productivity level?

I believe in organization. An organized schedule prevents ideas from melting into oblivion. In today’s complex world, we are constantly bombarded by statistics and news. I read my emails and organize pending tasks on a daily basis. After prioritizing my work schedule, I analyze the data to find out ways in which I can help the company grow.

Do you have one strategy that is responsible for your success as a professional?

Yes, my mother was a single mom raising five children. She always taught me to work hard, have a positive attitude and learn one new thing every single day. I have always tried to follow her wise counsel. During my professional career, I succeeded in overcoming setbacks by continuing to value my mom’s work ethic.

Instead of thinking about negative news stories and topics, I am always looking for something positive. I have learned that even dismal situations often have positive outcomes leading to greater happiness. Additionally, I have always made a serious attempt to learn one new thing each day. Learning enables change. Since the world changes on a regular basis, I want to mimic the universe and transform myself every single day.

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