Q&A With Moksh Popli, Founder of Moksh Popli Consulting

Moksh Popli

Born in New York City, Moksh Popli grew up in a culturally diverse part of the country, where he was introduced to many things throughout his scholastic career. His greatest academic love was found in mathematics. As he moved into high school, he was introduced to the concept of competition through clubs and other venues that encouraged his love of mathematics. These competitions and accomplishments led to many scholarships being offered from across the country.


After selecting and attending Cornell University, Moksh pursued a degree in business with a focus in finance and economics. He thrived in this fast paced, academic environment. This led him into the competitive career of finance. Here, working for a firm right after graduation, he was able to learn from some of the most gifted people in the industry. Over the years he worked to better his knowledge, skills, and abilities until he was finally ready to step out on his own.


Motivated to help others find the success with the businesses they designed, Moksh Popli Consulting was launched in 2018. He has continued to build upon his connections, drive to empower others, and skills to create channels of fiscal opportunities for businesses, small and large.



What inspired you to begin Moksh Popli Consulting?


After working in the corporate world for so long, I felt like I had learned all I could about finance and success building. I wasn’t finding the challenges I thrived on and often found limitations where it didn’t make sense there should be any. I wanted to open the way to do more for possible clients and by creating my own consulting firm, I have been able to do that. It is a pleasure to see the joy others feel when they find the projects they are working on are funded and they can move forward.


What do you think has made you successful through your career?


I would say it’s a combination of things. First, I value the people around me and I’m always learning from them. Clients, peers, even the man on the street that sells me a bagel in the morning can teach me something. Second, it’s my organization skills. Everything is tracked in detail and each step is traceable. This allows me to provide clients with the most complete picture possible with the confidence that I have done all I can for them. The last big piece of this is that I work hard to make sure my clients know they are important and that their project is important. I work with them to hone proposals, develop plans, and facilitate their success.


What would you like to see for Moksh Popli Consulting in the next five years?


I would like to see myself able to help many more companies be connected with the financing they need to see their projects come to fruition. It’s a joy to see things come together and a good feeling when I know my clients are satisfied. This means over the coming years I would like to help as many people as I possibly can.


What challenges do you face today?


I am constantly having to determine which projects I can find success with and which ones I can’t. Some of the people who have approached me are just not the right fit for the kind of funding I’m able to connect them with. Others are well above where many of my connections would like to be. My challenge is identifying the right projects to fit with the right connections and funding opportunities. I have learned this through working for others, but now with my own company, I have to learn it from the stand point of ‘one man can’t help everyone’. Those who I can help, I do my best to facilitate the best outcome for their goals.


What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about opening their own business?


I would suggest they jump into it. Nothing is ever going to be perfect if you’re waiting for some form of perfection. If you plan it effectively, develop your business action plan, and have the knowledge then do it. Waiting for it to happen is not going to just drop in your lap.


You make it happen by taking the steps out of your comfortable job and seeing it through.


Also, hire the right people who know more about the things you don’t know. An accountant is a must for most companies.


If you had to pick one book to suggest to inspire our readers, what would it be?


All work and no play is a no go when it’s every day.


I would suggest reading some kind of fiction, like the Xarrok series by Catrina Taylor. You can’t only read about work or do things around work. You need to have fun too. Picking up a good story from time to time will allow you to effectively recharge so you are at your best for your family and your company. Even if you don’t like science fiction, there are other good stories out there that you will be able to enjoy. I strongly suggest finding one of them and doing that regularly.


Now, if it has to be a business book, pick up The Four Hour Workweek. That book is really good for helping you hone your business priorities.


What is your favorite vacation spot?


My family and I have traveled some, but honestly, I’m happy anywhere my family is. We have not really found just one place that we like to vacation more than others yet. Even stay-cations have been great fun when the kids have been out of school and we’ve been together to enjoy it. Now that you mention it, we are due to schedule another one very soon. My beautiful wife always has fun ideas for us when we do pick a new vacation spot. As long as she’s happy, my kids and I have a fantastic time. I’ll make sure to update you if we find that one go to place.


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