Q&A with Logan Stout, Founder and CEO of IDLife

Logan Stout CEO of IDLife

Logan Stout is a man who understands the business world and enjoys working with people. He owns a business and is a philanthropist, helping others as much as he can whether it’s financially or through encouragement and leadership. Logan Stout is an author who has written several best-selling books and a speaker who has delivered speeches in front of thousands, if not millions, of people. His leadership skills and the record that he has set in his business career has made him one of the most requested speakers for events across the world, offering ways for others to succeed.

IDLife is the most recent business project that Logan Stout has created. Since the business started in 2014, it has grown by leaps and bounds, drawing the attention of athletes and prominent businessmen in all areas, such as Troy Aikman and Darwin Deason. There are numerous health and wellness instructors and authors who have also joined Logan in his endeavor to bring quality nutritional supplements to those who want to live healthier lives.

In 2013, Logan published “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams”. The goal of the books is to inspire people to be everything that they can in life. He wants everyone to reach the highest potential that they have whether it’s as a business owner or as someone who stays at home. John Maxwell has also partnered with Logan on some of the projects that he has completed. Another claim to fame is the Logan Stout is the CEO of the Dallas Patriots. This is a baseball organization that works with young people who want to develop their athletic skills and who might need a little encouragement and motivation in life. The organization works with children between the ages of six and 18, dividing them into teams to work with all-star coaches and players who deliver the mentoring that they might not get at home or school. Each child who completes the program is given an opportunity to play baseball in college, and there are professional draft selections at the end of each year.

Logan Stout is a family man. He lives in Texas with his wife, Haley, and their two sons. Both Logan and Haley are members of the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County and several other organizations. They try to be as active in the community as possible with their children.

How Did You Come Up With IDNutrition?

While I was having lunch in town one day, someone recognized me from an interview that I had recently given on television. He told me about a vitamin program that he had created. Being a former athlete, I know that nutrition is important for everyone. After meeting with the doctor, we made the decision to join forces and develop IDNutrition.

Is There A Normal Day In Your Life?

There isn’t really a day that goes by that I don’t consider normal. Strategy and organization come into play with everything that I do, so most days look the same. Each day begins by taking vitamins and drinking an IDLife Shake. I also consume the energy drinks during the day as well. I try to live life to its fullest and enjoy time with my family. I also try to read my Bible each day and read some kind of devotional as a way to stay encouraged in life and to stay motivated with each endeavor that I try. After my reading in the mornings, I make sure my sons are up and ready for their day whether they are going to school or they are at home. After working at home for a few hours, it’s time to get the kids from school and go home to fix dinner.

Is There A Specific Way That You Breathe Life Into Ideas?

One of the ways that I enjoy getting ideas out in the open is to listen to what everyone in the room has to say. There isn’t a bad idea as each idea can lead to another. When someone speaks, there is always a way to take what is said to make it better so that everyone succeeds.

Is There A Trend That You’re Excited About?

Anything that relates to the health field is fair play. It could be that older people want to look younger or younger people want to do everything that they can to look a few years older. I want to work with a clean product that provides the best nutrition for people so that they can be healthy in all areas of life. That’s the trend that I want to see take shape.

Name A Habit That Makes You Productive

When I feed my mind, I know that I will be a productive member of society. In this world, you either make a way for yourself or let the world overrun you. To succeed in life, you need to think in an uphill mindset instead of thinking in negative thoughts.

Is There A Job You’ve Had That You Don’t Like?

One of the worst jobs that I had was being a construction worker. The hours were long, and the work was difficult sometimes. While it was physically demanding and others complained, I also learned a good bit about dedication and following what you want to do in life.

What Would You Tell Others About Life?

Look at how your life develops. Really think about where you want to be in life and what you want to achieve. Don’t always do everything that everyone else does as you’re going to see the same results. Be your own person so that you have a life that you want.

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Is There Anything Specific That Has Helped In Your Success?

It’s all about the people you work with and the people you help. I want those who meet me and talk with me to think that I have made a difference. When everyone is working together, it makes the overall team one that wins in the end.

What Would You Recommend That Others Read?

If you don’t read anything else in life, read your Bible. It’s full of encouraging words, and it won’t steer you wrong. The teachings of Jesus show that it’s important to help others, which is what I try to do on a daily basis.

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