Q&A With Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital

40 years ago, Chris Burch had a vision of becoming a business leader and an entrepreneur. He is now the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. A combination of imagination and support lend their hands to the businesses and products that affect the lives of the consumer at all angles.


There are several projects that the company is working on at the moment alongside people who include Ellen DeGeneres. These projects involve everything from water brands to clothing and accessories. A recent interview with Burch gives an insight as to how he became the successful businessman he is today. He has assisted in the success of brands that include Voss Water and Poppin.


How Did Burch Creative Capital Come About?

By nature, I’m curious about the world around me. I have always wanted to explore everything that nature has to offer, and I’ve always wanted to help others become a success. While looking at products on a regular basis, I try to think of ways that they can be improved to make life a bit easier for the consumer. I was successful with an apparel line when I was younger. With the knowledge that I gained from that endeavor, I knew that I wanted to help others reach the top of the career ladder as well. Those ideas led to the company that I own today. Ideas are combined with the necessary funding to deliver almost any idea possible to all areas of the world.


How Are Days Spent At The Office?

There really isn’t an ordinary day or one that is the same as all the others. At times, I’m out of the office and traveling to islands in the South Pacific while other days see me traveling to New York. Days spent in the office are rare as I’m always looking at different projects and ways to develop new ideas. I have invested in numerous companies across the country, so I try to stay updated and involved in the progress that has been made on a regular basis.


Is There A Trend You Want To Get Involved With?

Tiny houses seem to be a trend that is here to stay. I wouldn’t mind getting involved with this movement. It’s a nice thought to know that more people are starting to learn how to live for being together and spending time with family and experiencing nature instead of living for the material possessions in life. Cocoon9 was developed because of the tiny house movement, and I hope to see the company expand in the future, getting more people on board with the idea of living in comfort while living in a smaller home. I’m thankful and proud of the work that has been completed with the Nihiwatu project and the promise of similar projects in the future.


Is There A Strategy That Has Helped In Business Or In Life?

If it weren’t for taking risks, then I wouldn’t be where I am today. There isn’t a set strategy involved with taking a risk or creating a company. It’s more about seeing that life can be full of failures and successes. You have to embrace both in order to advance in life and in business. Even through the failures, I am a happy person in my current state in life.


Who Has Influenced You In Life?

One of the people who has been an influence in my life is Ellen DeGeneres. She’s a brilliant person who is a success and who her viewers admire. Ellen has a way of pulling others in with her witty nature and her deep thoughts. Steve Ross is another person who has influenced me to get to where I am in life. Steve is a real estate developer who understands many of the thoughts that I have in my business.


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