Financial and Strategic Advice Q & A with Lawrence Chu, Managing Director, Moelis & Company

How did you get into the industry of providing financial and strategic advice?

When I was attending university, most of my classmates were interested in the banking industry. As I am a competitive personality, I was drawn to the banking sector as well. From there, my pursuit to advise clients on financial and strategic advise grew. I found myself connected to the TMT sector and now I focus mainly on large-cap clients.

Can you tell us about the leaps in the advancement of innovation and technology within the industry?

When I started out there was no internet, we only had a Bloomberg machine. Nowadays, tech is prevalent in every sector, be it high-frequency trading, analytical modeling or big data.

What are some challenges that you have experienced working in finance with the ever-changing progression in technology?

The pace of communications has rapidly increased. However, for better or worse everything is immediate and that is the new industry norm.

What is your primary vision for Moelis & Company at this time?

My vision is for Moelis is to continue to be a leading integrated platform of informed advisors whose only objective is to focus on the client’s interest and to provide strategic advice.

What’s the next big thing for the financial industry?

I believe you are seeing a new evolution of investment banking similar to the storied investment banking houses and commercial banks of the past. Leading independent banks such as Moelis are becoming the next generation of investment banks and the bulge brackets are becoming similar to their commercial banking ancestors.

What are your key initiatives for the success of a sustainable business?

Plain, old fashion hard work.  

What’s the ideal experience for a customer/client?

I genuinely hope that my clients trust me wholeheartedly. Regardless of the outcome of a project, I always give honest advice to the client’s best interest, even if that advice is to do nothing.  

How do you motivate your employees?

Developing and mentoring resources is critical for every firm. At Moelis, we have senior employees spend time with your junior colleagues to help them to grow into the financial experts they desire to become with promotions in their future.

Can you share some career advice to others looking to start their own business?

Hard work, dedication, and always betting on yourself. Even when it seems like a long shot.

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