Q&A with Mike Asimos, Wine Importer, Exporter, and Wholesaler

Mike Asimos


Mike Asimos (he also goes by Michael Asimos) is a wine enthusiast who has managed to turn his passion into a career with the help of some digital marketing ingenuity. Mike Asimos loves teaching others about the wine industry and we were recently able to ask him a couple questions about his business.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your daily habits

I am Mike Asimos, a native of Portland, Oregon, a pretty savvy marketer and a great communicator.  I have such a passion for wine that I parlayed it into a career in the importing/exporting industry.

My days are not necessarily typical but some of my daily habits include finding new, interesting wines, getting in touch with the distributor or winery and gathering all the information I can get.  After that I provide relevant details of the wine to restaurants, customers and other people within the industry.

On other days I have showings at various restaurants or liquor stores.  I also travel locally to different wineries and vineyards to find out what will be on the market soon.


How did you become a wine wholesaler?

My journey began as a wine enthusiast and helped me make the decision to follow my passions and see where they would take me.  Ever since I was old enough to truly appreciate and understand wine, I was absorbed with finding a way to work with it somehow.

I considered becoming a sommelier or even a Master Sommelier; however, a broader idea came to mind.  I ultimately sought out the procedure involved in becoming a wine importer and exporter and here I am today.


What’s your favorite thing about your job?

One of the favorite things about my job is that the toughest decision I have to make some days is where to go next stop in the world of wine.  I’ve had the pleasure of exploring remarkable wineries and vineyards; however, there are still others I am quite excited to check out.


How do you ensure that you are consistently productive?

Being consistently productive is easy when you are passionate about what you do.  I was so adamant about turning this dream of mine into a reality that it became my life.  As such, being productive is like second nature to me.  I simply stay on top of every move the market makes and ensure my customers are consistently satisfied.


Tell us one long-term goal in your career.

My goal has always been and will forever be discovering amazing wines and introducing them to my customers.  I’m just going to continue doing what I have been doing. It is always fascinating to see the varieties of new imports that are heading my way.


What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt throughout your career?

The importance of being bold and confident, especially in this industry is a valuable lesson.  Having confidence in your expertise and abilities in understanding wine is vital for success in this industry.  Additionally, the ability to purchase wine and sell to vendors requires boldness.


What would you advise others aspiring for success in your field?

I would tell them to not be afraid of failure. Every successful entrepreneur has experienced tough breaks, especially in this industry.  Use failure as a learning model and ensure that the same mistake is not repeated.


What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

When I’m not working, I enjoy listening to the smooth rhythms of jazz music and traveling. Although my travels are usually limited to places around the world with spacious vineyards and lavish wineries, I still ensure that I take some time to see the world.

As for jazz music, it’s another big passion and I enjoy listening to the founders of the genre as well as the contemporary artists.  My favorite jazz musicians are Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Esperanza Spalding.


What are some influential books or websites you have read or kept up with that you would recommend to people in your field?

I truly enjoyed reading Andre Dornenburg’s book “What to Drink with What You Eat.”  It has inspired many wine buffs and is held to a pretty high standard in the industry.  I also enjoyed reading Rafi Zabor’s book “The Bear Comes Home.”  This book is valued as being among one of the most realistic and honest jazz novels.  It is a remarkably inspirational book and I would definitely recommend it to any true fan of music.

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