Q&A With Eric Dalius: Founder of the Eric J. Dalius Foundation

Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius has spent the last several decades succeeding all spheres of his career. From sales to marketing to entrepreneurship, Eric has used out-the-box thinking and a tenacity for success to drive profitability.

Eric attended Penn State and graduated in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree, soon after finding a job with MCI. During his year and a half long job at MCI, Eric became the leading sales representative in the country. Although successful, Eric desired more freedom and wanted to be able to use his creativity and problem-solving skills in a more open environment.

After leaving MCI, Eric started his own business as a Telecommunications Consultant. He sold cell phones, SIM cards, and anything else related, working long hours to satisfy demand from both the East and West coasts of the country. Although kept busy with work during this time, Eric still make time to coach little league.

Eric Dalius decided to try something new in 2002, starting his first membership-based company. Using a AAA model, he created 10 million in sales and attracted a large membership base. CORE or, Cash Out Real Estate, was a successful and extremely profitable business for several years until the economic recession of 2007-2008.

Eric has found success with several other ventures since CORE but has since focused his efforts on the Eric J. Dalius Foundation, a charitable organization offering financial aid to deserving students attending college or university in the U.S.


What made you want to start the Eric J. Dalius Foundation?

A college or university degree is really important these days and it can make a big difference when it comes to a young person’s future. Studies consistently show those who attain a post-secondary education end up making more money in their career. Not only that, but it’s sad to think that there are many incredibly bright and innovative young people out there who may not be able to go to college or university just because they can’t afford it. By helping these students out financially, the Eric J. Dalius Foundation hopes to ensure brighter futures for not only the students, but all the rest of us who may benefit from their innovation and ideas down the line.


Do you have fond memories of your time at Penn State?

Definitely, I do. I’m thankful that I had the financial resources to attend university because it helped to make me into who I am today. There are a number of useful skills and qualities that can be developed by spending a few years at an institution for higher learning.


What are the goals of the Eric J. Dalius Foundation for 2019?

We hope to give out $50,000 in financial aid to students attending accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. I hope to see further growth of the foundation in the years to come.


What was your favorite part of your marketing/ entrepreneurial career?

I liked using my creativity and my unique way of thinking to solve problems. It’s incredibly rewarding to have your own ideas implemented and see them increase the profitability and success of a business. When you start your own business, it all comes down to how hard you’re willing work and how smart you can be with your money. It’s hard work but when it comes together it’s one of the best feelings in the world.


What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs just starting out?

Keep at it. There will be times that really test you and it will feel like everything is going to fall apart. It’s important to just keep trying and push through doubts and setbacks. Keep your faith in yourself and things will work out.


How do you turn ideas into a reality?

Take action! Don’t be afraid to talk to other people and bounce your ideas off them. Feedback is an important part of putting ideas into practice. Don’t be embarrassed by the feedback you get and keep at something if you think it’s a good idea. Not every idea you have is perfect or will work but don’t stop thinking and coming up with new strategies and concepts.


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