Q&A With Dr. Lane Sebring, Paleo Diet Expert

Dr. Lane Sebring is a medical doctor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and MD, both from the University of Texas. He now owns a private practice called the Sebring Clinic with an attached Paleo Pharmacy in Wimberly, Texas. He has been practicing medicine for over 18 years with an emphasis on paleo.


The Paleo Diet is based on foods humans ate in the Paleolithic Era, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and meat. Dairy products, grains, and other more modern foodstuffs are excluded. Dr. Sebring believes that this is a healthier diet than what is currently being eaten today, causing a variety of health ailments.


Dr. Sebring recently sat down with us to discuss his clinic.


Can You Tell Us A Bit About The Sebring Clinic and Paleo Pharmacy?


Sure! The Sebring Clinic is my private medical practice. It operates just like any other doctor’s office, except that I place a strong emphasis on the Paleo Diet in my treatments.  Our goal is to educate patients about the nature of disease and how to avoid it. The Paleo Pharmacy is attached to the clinic and allows my patients to purchase the foods I recommend in one convenient place.


What Gave You The Idea For Your Business? How Did It Start?


I knew I wanted to open a private practice as soon as I started training to be a doctor and saw the need, so I suppose that was the inspiration behind the Sebring Clinic. The Paleo Pharmacy was a necessity once I started prescribing the Paleo Diet to my patients, as many of them were having a hard time finding Paleo foods otherwise.


What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Job?


Easy! Helping people embrace a healthier Paleo lifestyle is my calling. If I didn’t get paid to do it, it would probably be my hobby!  Witnessing real change in someone’s health through my work is priceless.


What Are Your Keys To Making Yourself Productive?


Most doctors have similar days. They make sure the office is running smoothly, see some patients, hear a few sales pitches from pharmaceutical reps, and call it a day. My emphasis on the Paleo Diet keeps most of the pharmaceutical reps away, giving me more time for other things.


What Is One Career-Oriented Long-Term Goal Of Yours?


I truly believe that the Paleo Diet is the cure for the many ailments running rampant in modern society. My biggest long-term goal is to get as many people on it as possible, whether they are my patients or not. I feel education is the key, so I hope to educate others on adopting a Paleo lifestyle.


What’s The Most Important Thing You Have Learned In Your Career?


The value of tenacity. No matter what you’re trying to get into, it is inevitable that somebody is going to knock you down. When that happens, it’s important to get up, dust yourself off, and get right back into it.


What Advice Would You Give To Aspiring Doctors?


This might sound horrible, but I recommend working with doctors who don’t agree with you. I interned at a clinic that didn’t specialize in training new doctors, and I’m sure some of the more experienced physicians there didn’t want me around. They did not understand my vision, but through that experience, I still learned a lot about medicine, what I believe in, and my purpose in medicine.


As an aspiring doctor, you’re going to have to deal with these types of doctors eventually. I’d advise looking for the positives, such as a strong work ethic and commitment to truly helping patients, and learning how to work with them early on.


What Are Your Favorite Things To Do Outside Of Work?


I enjoy a good workout. I lift weights in descending sets to maintain an elevated heart rate for the duration, which helps me feel like my routine accomplished something. In general, I practice healthy living through Paleo, meditation, and fitness.


What Book(s) Would You Recommend To Our Readers?


The best book I know of is “The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain. That book taught me all about the basics of the Paleo Diet, information that I’ve been able to use to not only improve my health but launch a successful business in something I believe in.

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