Q&A With Arshad Madhani: Digital Marketing Expert

Arshad Madhani is a digital marketing expert who enjoys assisting others in the field via mentoring and consulting. After getting his MBA from Texas A&M International University several years ago, Arshad Madhani has been working with a wide range of clients who need help with their digital marketing efforts. From his Atlanta, Georgia, headquarters, Arshad Madhani creates workable, successful marketing plans for those who need a boost to their brand awareness. As an avid listener who prides himself on “seeing things from the customer’s point of view,” Arshad has honed his consulting skill and won the admiration of others in the business. Recently we at down with Arshad to get some insights on the Digital Marketing Industry and his background. Here’s what he shared:


What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being Involved in the Digital Marketing Industry?


I truly enjoy the quick pace of the consulting profession, especially as it relates to digital marketing campaign creation. No two days are alike, and the same can be said for my client base. Besides the fast pace, I think second-place on my “favorite thing about the business” list would be the sense of accomplishment I get after seeing a great campaign go into action and help a client reach their goals.


How Do You Keep Up with the Evolving Industry?


I believe in continuing education, both formal and informal. That means catching an interesting seminar at the local college or an online webinar that relates to what I do. It also means reading the best books on industry trends and networking with several mentors who keep my skills in top form.


Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?


I’d like to have clients in every business sector with the most diverse needs possible. I think that is the best way for someone in my position to grow professionally and personally. It’s all about helping as many different kinds of people (and companies) as possible.


Where is Your Favorite Place to Unplug and Unwind?


Anyplace where I can drink a cup of hot tea and just sit quietly. If that also involves reading a good book while I relax, then that’s even better. So, for me those places usually end up being either coffee shops or outdoor areas with a nice green view of the surroundings. Because I also run every day, one of my “unwinding” places would have to be wherever that day’s run takes me. It might be in a crowded urban area or on a lonesome path in the woods. The main thing is just enjoying the run and taking in the passing scene.


What Tips Do You Have For Others Wishing to Enter the Digital Marketing Field?


Never stop learning and adding to your skill set. Whether you have one, two, or three advanced degrees doesn’t matter. The field is changing so rapidly that you need to always try to be on top of industry trends and fresh technical knowledge. And if possible, take as many relevant courses as possible while you’re in college to gain a solid understanding of the basics before delving into the real world of digital marketing. Internships and volunteer gigs while you’re still a student are ideal ways to acquire crucial hands-on skills.


Connect with Arshad


If you want to keep up with Arshad’s latest activities, check out his blog at http://arshadmadhani.com/or follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn via the following links:







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