Q&A With Sandro Carbone, Entrepreneur

Sandro Carbone

Montreal native Sandro Carbone first began working for his father’s company doing exterior work while in secondary school. After graduation, he took hairdressing courses and worked as a hairdresser for seven years, which he credits for his outgoing personality.

Sandro Carbone then returned to general contracting and since 2013 has been the president of his own contracting company.


What do you think it is that makes someone successful?

I think what makes people successful is honesty, hard work, and communication. Your word and your credit mean everything, and good financial sense is a definite asset. Being surrounded by people who are knowledgeable and supportive will help you as well.  Also, consistency, with room to change for better consistency in your work.  And definitely spending time with family.


What’s one trend that really excites you?

A trend that would really excite me is seeing people adopting the old ways of thinking and handling their life. The older generation were more frugal, and they were much more family oriented than we are today. They pride themselves on their work ethic. I’m not into any trends today, but I would love to see a trend where people turn back to that way of traditional thinking and living because it was a way that was proven to work.


What is a healthy habit you keep that enhances your productivity?

A healthy habit that I chose to adopt is vaping. It still gives you the sensation of smoking the cigarette. You’re still physically putting something to your mouth, you’re fidgeting with something, and it helps with stress levels without ingesting the other ingredients in a cigarette.

Also, I cut out sugar and caffeine in the morning and at night and I find it helps with stress levels as well. The less anxious you are, the more you’re able to focus.


If you could give advice to your younger self what would it be?

I would tell my younger Sandro Carbone, ‘as young as you can, start planning for your future and for your retirement.’ Have a five year plan and a 10 year plan and start putting money aside. When you’re young, you have all the opportunities and credit in the world. You have much more worth then than if you decide to change your life at 40 years old. Find a way to get to the point that you’re comfortable by 35 or 40. That will give you the freedom and experience to look for what you want to do and be able to do it, rather than feeling stuck somewhere you are unhappy.


Is there one activity you perform repeatedly that you recommend to others

I recommend for everyone to make time for their hobbies, no matter what it is. That taking some time to yourself doing what you love helps to re-energize you. Also, if you get the opportunity to travel, do it.


Who’s the most influential person in your life?

My wife’s family and my wife. They are good, honest, tight knit people who adopt the old school way of going about their lives.


What’s a book you would recommend to readers and why?

Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. It’s a great motivational book about people who stay stagnant in life and people who choose to accept change and how to handle that change.


What’s a favourite quote that inspires you?

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon.

This quote reminds me to make time for my family and life outside of work. I have a three year old son who is growing up right before my eyes. If I’m not careful, I’ll miss it.


Can you describe the best $100 you spent during the past few months?

The best $100 I’ve spent in the last month was taking my son and wife out for dinner. Any investment you can make with your family is a good one.


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