Q&A With LaOta Rassoull, Owner of Of the Sun

LaOta Roussoull

Quantum Light Energy Consultant LaOta Rassoull is the owner of “Of The Sun” in Fort Myers, Florida. Opened in 2008, Of The Sun provides mind and body health and nutritional consultations and treatment modalities; which include: the use of energy, meditation, yoga, and lifestyle coaching.

LaOta grew up in Chicago where she attended Loyola University prior to becoming a buyer in the high fashion retail industry. Between the stress laden demands of her work and travel schedule (part of the job description in the couture world) and managing hyperactive twins and a hyperactive husband she awoke one morning to find she was paralyzed. On the recommendation of a friend she sought and was treated by a Russian healer in Washington, DC. He diagnosed and successfully treated for her for sciatic nerve pain. The success of the treatment, which introduced her to the world of energy healing, made a significant impact on her life.

She began to immerse herself into the realm of energy healing to broaden and deepen her knowledge base. Her interest included classes and seminars. While an active practitioner, she had a case that required the assistance of a Shaman. Over the next two to three years, she became a Shaman herself so that she would never encounter that situation again.

LaOta’s exploration into the healing properties of food resulted in two books which share her knowledge and experimentation into the wonders of food and how it is more than just a necessity of life. The two books are: Food For Life: Transitional Recipes for Food Combining & Blood Typing; which explains how foods work as medications for different blood types, and Food For Life: A Guide to Extraordinary Living.


What is the mission for Of The Sun and In’Lakesh?

The mission of “Of The Sun” and In La’Kesh are to be a “spiritual lighthouse” for those seeking the path to oneness. To help steer souls around the shoals and sandbars of selfishness and suffering. And to show the way forward through the misinformation that keeps us emotionally and spiritually stunted Our mission is to save Mother Earth and ourselves. Mother Earth is about nourishing. We seem to think that we are separate from everything else, but the fact is the whole universe was from one thing. All these changes in that one thing have created a separation and brought suffering. We want to bring in the idea that we are one with the universe and have more people understand and embrace that.

Of the Sun and In La’Kesh are doorways for those who are interested in energy and learning how to work with it. It can be done through Qigong (Chee-gung), breath classes, yoga, and meditation. All these methods work to awaken in the person all their sluggishness, sadness and unhappiness and bring the chemicals forward to help release those negative energies. People who are looking to heal themselves, In’La’Kesh is the place where that work can happen.


Have you always wanted to be a healer?

I can’t say that I ever really thought about healing in those terms. I leave it to others to attach labels. I’ve always had an interest in energies though. I’ve always wanted to be someone who expressed enough power that I didn’t have to sit on the sidelines and watch the world I live in go to hell. When I traveled to other countries, and I saw others working with energies it really opened my world. When I couldn’t help my own child at one point, I turned to alternative methods, and that also helped me get more involved in the studies of healing through energies. It helped me find my own power.


You mentioned you’re opening other In’Lakesh locations?

Yes, we have franchise opportunities. People experience what we offer and they are moved to help further the work. We have two completed franchises and have one in process. It helps support people’s stability and growth to have a place where they can be at peace and move forward with their own development. It’s not just a yoga outlet, it’s much more.


What inspired you to integrate technology into the process of extending the reach of In’Lakesh and Of The Sun?

At Of The Sun and In La’Kesh we respect and honor the value of ancient knowledge and the need to integrate it into what we are now learning. And we understand that ancient knowledge and science are not mutually exclusive. For example, only in the last ten years or so has science accepted without reservation the benefits of meditation; an ancient practice with significant and provable therapeutic benefits. We’re involved with going forward into new science and technology that will support healing. Hence, to walk away or ignore means and methods of sharing the message of healing is folly. Technology is not usually done with this type of work, but it embraces the truth of the science of the work.


What is your definition of success?

Success is getting every person I talk to embrace the reality that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around. Success is learning from my failures. Success is conquering the fear that the world teaches us to embrace like a warm blanket. I think success would be moving the thinking consciousness of humanity to a higher level. Just to recognize that we are not the only conscious being that deserves attention.


What is your favorite accomplishment to date?

I’ve actually been teaching property clearing classes for several years, and we have practitioners all over the country. When you see the connection between you and where you live, you’re seeing that the house is an extension of self. Property clearing is clearing out all the negative energies and allowing the positive to come in.


If somebody were just starting to look into learning the different methods, what books do you suggest they start with?

I would tell them to read In La’Kesh: The Reminder (available at ofthesun.com). I would tell them to come to the open book which is the experience you receive at Of The sun and In La’Kesh and experience  freedom for themselves. I would tell them to Live stream a meditation class (better than reading). I would say do the things that are available to you free first and then expand your understanding of the doing by reading. Then, If you like what you’ve tried, do more, get more involved with it.


Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I’d like to invite every reader or hearer of this conversation get into what is called the Breath of Higher. It’s a breathing and meditation technique. It repeats In’Lakesh, which is oneness and Veritas, which is the truth. The Breath of Higher Meditation is available on the “Of The Sun” website at: www.ofthesun.com. Once on the site go to the monthly healing class tab and click on Earth 4- February 2019.





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