Interview with Krishen Iyer: CEO and Founder of Managed Benefits Services

Krishen Iyer is the founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services, a marketing and consulting company dedicated to helping generate leads and curate traffic for Dental and Health Insurance companies.

CEO and Founder of Managed Benefits Services

Krishen Iyer is an established entrepreneur in the world of insurance marketing and consulting. In 2016, Krishen Iyer founded Managed Benefits Services that was formerly known as “Quick Link Marketing.” specializes in client interfacing, online marketing and technical development. His leading industries are health insurance and dental insurance in which he concentrates on marketing and leads.

Iyer’s unique dedication to his clients, his attention to detail, and his perseverance in an everchanging industry is what has made him successful. He has thrived throughout his academic and professional career and has founded a multitude of companies.

Before he graduated from San Diego State University in 2004 with his bachelor’s in Public Administration, he began his first insurance-related business in 2002. As the founder and CEO of IHS Insurance until 2014, he continued to grow his business endeavors. IHS did not satisfy all that he planned to do, so he also founded “Name My Premium” in 2009. He enjoyed massive success with this enterprise until he left in 2015. He helped drive Name My Premium Insurance to success as they received a spot on the Inc 5000 list the same year.

Aside from his busy weekdays with clients, he enjoys playing chess, soccer, and partaking in community service efforts with his family. Iyer sat down with us for an interview to learn more about his marketing expertise and motivation behind his success.


How did you come up with the idea for Managed Benefits Services?

“The core mission of my company is to bring firms that need specialized marketing together with lead generation companies that provide the solutions these companies need. I realized that there was a great need for this type of service, and I simply recognized that need. It didn’t exist anywhere else in the marketplace. I wanted to help bridge the gap that businesses in this industry face.”


How do you spend your days, and how do you manage to make them productive?

“Every day, I try to involve himself in the technical development and client interfacing. Of course, I give special attention to marketing, so I plan my days so that I can be as productive as possible. When I start my day, the first thing I devote myself to is client interfacing. This makes it possible for me to concentrate on what my clients’ needs are as the day goes by, and it allows me to plan my day accordingly with the other responsibilities I have to take care of.”


How do you make your ideas alive?

“In my view, the only way to make an idea come to life is through communication. Communication is the key to success in any idea. Ideas that are worthwhile are those that came about after multiple viewpoints are shared around one distinct concept.”


Is there a trend that you’re excited about right now?

“There is! Marketing analytics are becoming increasingly specific right now, and this allows for us to focus our approach to find our clients the results they’re looking for.”


What do you do each day that helps you to be as productive as possible?

“I’ve always been curious, so I always pose people several different questions to several different kinds of people. This has led me to see that there is a lot of variety in the way that different people see things.”


What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

“I think that a bad job is one that doesn’t give the worker any opportunities to learn something new that can be used in day-to-day life. I have been fortunate because every job that I’ve had has given me something new, so honestly, I’ve never had an experience that I could call a ‘bad job.’”


If you could go back to the beginning and start again, would you do anything differently?

“To quote a memorable character from “True Grit, ” “I do not entertain hypotheticals –  the world as it is is vexing enough.”  I do think it’s important to evaluate past mistakes for the sake of improvement, but I can’t say that I regret any decisions I’ve made over the course of my career.”


What activity do you perform over and over again you believe every entrepreneur should also be doing?

“Communication is both a talent and a skill. Being a business owner requires this particular skillset to be changed and improved over time.”


Do you have a strategy that has helped your business grow?

“The techniques I use for data collection and analysis have made it possible for this company to develop the strategies that we need to make this company grow. They have allowed me to be as accurate as possible while reducing risk and increasing the efficacy.”


Have you ever failed in your business opportunities, and what did you do to survive ?

“What some people would view as failures, but I never considered to be a failure. Instead, I believed that they were opportunities to make the best of a negative situation and at the same time I learned lessons that would help me in the future.”


What is one business idea you’re willing to spill?

“I’ve found that making connections with people is so much easier today than it has been in the past because of technical innovation. That’s why Managed Benefits Services and other highly prosperous tech companies have the majority of their time and efforts on developing products and services that encourage people to make profitable connections between parties. Managed Benefits Services brings firms that need specific marketing solutions together with lead-generating companies. The service is beneficial to both parties, and I think that anyone in any industry can do the same thing.”


What is the best $100 you have splurged recently?

“I love karaoke. A tavern in my town holds karaoke nights once a week.  I invited my colleagues to out, and he offered to buy drinks for anyone who dared to go up and sing two or more songs. We had a really good time, and it turned out to be an inexpensive way to build up the team.”


Do you have any Software preferences that help with productivity and grow your business?

“We use a lot of various web services and applications, but My favorite software we use at Managed Benefits is the data analytics program that helps us with improving accuracy and assisting customers.”


If you were to choose one book for everyone to read, what would it be?

“Stephen King’s “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” is one of my favorites and offers practical advice for entrepreneurs.”



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