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Each year, many women are diagnosed with breast cancer and must begin treatment. According to Dr. Dennis Citrin, an oncologist with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, it is essential for patients to make an educated plan of action so that they can regain their health. When speaking with Dr. Citrin, it is possible to learn the latest treatments and how to recognize early symptoms. Thanks to the newest procedures and scientific advancements, even severe cancer cases have the potential to be effectively treated.

Do genetics pay a role in the development of breast cancer?

Any female can develop breast cancer. This disease affects women of all shapes and sizes. However, to a certain point, genetics can be a factor that increases the likelihood of suffering from this affliction. When a woman has a relative who has had breast cancer, it certainly raises the risks for her.

What is the best way to detect early signs of breast cancer?

Every woman should perform a self-breast exam so that she becomes familiar with their normal feel. There may be slight changes during the month, but a woman will become accustomed to their regular shape and makeup. When something different appears, it is best to seek medical attention from a doctor who specializes in breast problems.

A cancer diagnosis may be extremely worrisome. Do you have any advice that may calm patients?, a diagnosis is scary. However, a woman should not rush and panic. When breast cancer is detected early, the chance for a complete recovery is high. Many women become scared and fear a mastectomy. Today, we often perform core biopsies. These help us spot the exact location of the cancer, its type, and the stage of the disease. It is smart to consult with an oncologist who deals specifically with breast cancer.

What are the current trends in breast cancer treatment?

Most doctors follow two treatment paths. Locally, the tumor will be examined. The surrounding lymph nodes will be tested as well. Systemic treatment is the other part of the plan. It will include chemotherapy or pharmaceuticals that block hormones. Since no two cases are the same, every woman should have a unique approach to treatment.

Are mastectomies and chemotherapy always necessary?

There have been great strides in the medical field regarding surgery, medication, and radiation treatments. It is not simple to explain, but when most breast cancer patients receive early treatment, a mastectomy is not always necessary. In the past, most patients believed that complete breast removal was the best way for a permanent cure. However, research has shown that this is not always the case.

Please conclude with a few tips that will help a woman deal with a new breast cancer diagnosis.

First, it is essential to remain calm. When a woman detects a problem, it is best to seek medical advice from an oncologist. After a positive diagnosis, it is smart to speak with a surgeon as well. After a personalized plan is in place, it should be followed completely.

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