Q&A With Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks Brewery and Companies

Eli Gershkovitch is a famous Canadian businessman who was born on July 4, 1975. He is the CEO of Steamworks Brewery and Companies. He is a smart entrepreneur who, like many others, started small. It takes a great mind to transform just a small pub into a huge, successful and stable company. This is exactly how Steamworks was founded. Way back from 1995, Eli owned a small and humble pub in Gastown, Vancouver. Then he decided to start expanding it slowly but progressively.

Unlike many typical businessmen, Eli Gershkovitch is just but a casual man who adores his freedom and who approaches life with a calm attitude. He would rather control his own life and be spontaneous when it comes to making crucial decisions. His personality, however, should not fool his competitors. Eli is a staunch businessman who believes in innovation, improvement and effective growth.

When he founded his small pub back in 1995, the place only had few seats. Now, the brewery is huge, the seats have increased, and the entire place has become an attraction for tourists and a darling to the locals (https://www.manta.com/ic/mtqs8v5/ca/gershkovitch-eli-a-law-corporation). Eli Gershkovitch always competes on the basis of price, quality, and quantity. He firmly believes in the motto that “you grow to meet demand or demand will shrink to meet you. Apart from the original pub, Steamworks has opened other restaurants and bars in Vancouver, which have also grown to be very popular.

Besides his genius business ideas, Eli Gershkovitch is also a lawyer and a pilot. He values his freedom and independence so much that he does not always bother with shareholders. He is the sole owner of his stream of companies. During the United States Open Beer Championship, 2017 edition, Eli’s Steamworks managed to get the attention of the judges as a top-selling and a long-standing craft beer company.

On an interview with the brew master, Eli Gershkovitch Interview.net, Eli revealed more about his work and ambitions.

Q: For starters Mr. Eli, I am curious. How did you decide to come up with Steamworks? I mean, why deal with craft beers? Where exactly did the idea come from?

A: Well, I am a free soul, and I will not lie, I love having a good time too. Sometime back I was traveling through Europe then found myself in Belgium. I had the opportunity to taste Belgian beer and loved it. I loved and enjoyed it so much that I later thought of the possibilities of making something so great myself. And that is why you now have Steamworks.

Q: Wow, fascinating. Now moving on, describe your typical day Mr. Eli and what do you do or how do you ensure that it becomes productive? Like most successful businessmen are you a very busy man?

A: Of course I am a busy man. Business never ends, but for it run smoothly and more efficiently, I believe one should always be organized, have a daily schedule at least. Personally, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check the numbers from the previous night. I have to ensure that the business is in check. I would then read my favorite paper, the New York Times before heading to the gym. After that, of course, I would then head to my sanctuary, the brewery.

Q: That clearly sounds like a routine, very organized.

A: Yes, and I also try to save time as much as possible. For instance, I would take care of phone calls while driving, hands-free though, so that when I get to the office, I can focus on other businesses.

Q: Mr. Gershkovitch, many people know you…we know you for your great and brilliant ideas. How do you bring them to life?

A: You see, to get anything done or to transform any idea into action, you have to first believe in it yourself. So when I get an idea, I first ensure that I believe in it so that I can effectively advocate for it and hopefully win over my team so they can execute it.

Q: Very well. In your business Mr. Eli, what is the one trend that really excites you?

A: That would be expanding demographics of craft beer; such as making the drinks older, more feminine and more modern. The current market is now expanding and old tropes are slowly dying. It is therefore important to be up to speed.

Q: Mention one habit that you believe sets you apart as a successful entrepreneur.

A: I research and read a lot, plus I am always curious.

Q: Is there any job that you can consider your worst job ever and did you learn anything from it?

A: I once worked in a stock room of a large bus garage. I would always wait to receive instructions from others, and that sickened me. I hate being idle.

Q: Mr. Gerskovitch, if you ever have to start again, anything you would do differently?

A: Yes, I would take more risks.

Q: As a businessman, what is the one thing you would do again and again and even recommend it to everyone else?

A: Always test your assumptions and question the conventional wisdom.

Q: Explain one strategy that has helped you grow your business.

A: I would rather be in debt than taking on equity. Debt can be leverage.

Q: Have you once failed as an entrepreneur, and how did you get past it?

A: One time, one of my restaurants was completely out of synch with the target audience. It was quite challenging, but I persisted and took some time to figure out what was missing. Once I found out the required elements, I doubled down on them and rebranded.

Q: What is the one business idea you can willfully give away to other people?

A: That would be incorporating snacks and healthy light meals in mini bars. I have never come across that anywhere yet it is a tremendous market opportunity.

Q: What is the best $100 you recently spent and why?

A: I recently ordered some groceries online. That saved my time and I also received everything I wanted. I highly enjoyed the service.

Q: Do you have any specific web services or software that you use? What do you love about them?

A: I love and enjoy face-timing. The service lets you connect around the globe at a very little or no cost. For software, I am loyal to Apple.

Q: Winding up Mr. Gershkovitch, any book you can recommend to the people and why?

A: Yes, Spirit of St Louis. Contrary to what many might think, it is not a business book. It is only a story but a great one that teaches one how to handle and tackle a seemingly impossible challenge.


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