Q&A with Christopher Becker, CEO of Ketology

Christopher Becker, CEO of Ketology

Christopher Becker of St. Louis has been fortunate enough to see a side project turn into his full-time job. Through a well thought-out system that works from both a health and motivational point of view, Ketology’s found a lot of traction and made a profound difference in many lives. Learn more about Christopher and his story.

Christopher, tell us a bit about Ketology.

Many overweight people feel powerless because they’ve tried all kinds of diets and insane exercise programs that haven’t worked. They don’t work because they are based on flawed information or they’re nearly impossible to maintain. Losing weight doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Ketology exists to provide people with a better plan, a support system, and the motivation to transform their body and health for good.

What gave you the idea for your business and how did it start?

I spent most of my life being overweight and bouncing from one diet to another. Over the years I’ve tried just about every diet and fitness program imaginable and while initially I’d experience a little bit of success, the weight would inevitably come back. Then after tons of research, I found a plan that worked and helped me lose over 100 pounds. At first, I ran a little challenge for my Facebook friends, then it evolved into a little side business. People are getting such incredible results that running Ketology is turning into my full time job.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

The thank you notes I receive after people complete “The Challenge”. Most of our participants are experiencing life changing results and they send the most encouraging notes expressing their gratitude. I know what it’s like to struggle with my weight and now I know what it’s like to struggle no more. Helping others make this profound shift is terribly rewarding!

What are your keys to making yourself productive?

I am a huge fan of the Pomodoro technique. I have a timer app on my iMac and it runs for 25 minutes and I work with complete focus. No checking Facebook, Twitter, email or even my phone. Then when the time is up, I take a 5 minute break. I try to complete 8 Pomodoros every day and in 4 hours, I get more done that I used to in an entire day.

Tell us one long-term goal in your career.

I’m a really passionate about helping people lose weight and improve their long term health at the same time. I want our message to take over the world, but right now if I can just reach 1 person a day and get them on the path to better health and lasting weight loss… that’s a good day in my book.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned through the course of your career?

My favorite John C. Maxwell quote is “The greatest gap in the world is between knowing and doing.” Execution trumps knowledge every single day. Knowing the right thing to do isn’t enough if you don’t put it into practice. That applies to all areas of life and I want to be known as a doer.

What advice would you give to others aspiring to succeed in your field?

Going back to the last question… I’ve got a white board in my office that reads:

Evolve & Execute
Focus & Finish
Doing > Knowing
Even the smallest steps, if taken every single day, will bring you closer to your goals.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

I am in love with my wife and our 2 year old daughter and fortunate to work from home so I can spend as much time with them as possible.I also enjoy learning to cook healthy food and playing a little poker every now and then.

Name a few influential books you’ve read and/or websites you keep up with that you’d recommend to readers.

Two books that literally changed my life are “Selling the Invisible” by Harry Beckwith and “Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog” by Grant Petersen. I also look forward to the Building a Storybrand podcast every Monday.

Find out more more about Ketology and Christopher Becker at ketology.co.

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