Q & A with Dan Micic, CEO and Founder of Medical Shipment LLC

About Dan Micic

In 2007, Micic founded Medical Shipment, the premium supplier of simulation nursing supplies and equipment. As president Micic creates the strategic vision of the company, builds partnerships with suppliers and marketplace influencers, and recruits domestic and international sales and account management teams. Today the company is a million-dollar success and takes pride in its dedication to customer service and Micic’s drive to impact the industry for the better.

In addition to running a business, Dan is a dedicated student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is also a competitive poker player, travel enthusiast and socialite. Grateful for an amazing group of friends and family, Dan makes sure to welcome visitors to Chicago and expresses his passion for the local teams, his beloved Chicago Bears, White Sox, and Bulls!

How did you get into the medical supplies industry?

I discovered my knack for business and sales while I was still in school. I attended Harper College in Illinois and in one of my business classes I was assigned to a team to successfully run a mock business. I was in charge of the sales aspect of that project and I really found my groove. I was naturally good at sales. It was there that I got my first taste of the business and I haven’t stopped since.

My first customer was actually the school, Harper College. I saw that there was a shortage of supplies in the nursing department. So, I reached out and arranged an order for 80 cases of medical gloves to the University’s Biology department. That sale motivated me to get into the medical supplies market and start my own business in that industry.

Do you see any emerging trends in the medical supplies or healthcare industry?

Lately, we have noticed a shift toward supplying home healthcare customers. When a patient is released from the hospital, medical supply companies like ours, are giving customers the option to connect directly to vendors instead of going through insurance. That way, customers can avoid high home health deductibles by going directly to the supplies themselves.

What are some challenges that you have experienced working in this industry?

Competition is an everyday challenge in this industry. Bigger companies are consolidating and try to overtake the market. The healthcare landscape is big but to stay ahead of our competition we will be expanding into supplying hospitals and B to C sales directly.

What is your primary vision for the Medical Shipment at this time?

My vision has always been to establish Medical Shipment as a leader in the medical supplies industry. We have a reputation for our success in supplying the education marketplace but our goal for 2018 and 2019 is to become the biggest overall distributor in the country. We are expanding our reach to encompass numerous other markets.

What’s next for the Medical Shipment in the near future?

We will be expanding internationally. We are already working with clients in Canada and Mexico but we are going to grow overseas. I recently did an interview with the Republic Television Network in Serbia and it was great! I am excited to establish our brand in European and other international markets.

What are your key initiatives for the success of Medical Shipment?

Establishing relationships, a reputation, and growth objectives in the industry. My sales team gets to know their reps as people outside of the conference setting. There is so much value in establishing an honest long-lasting relationship. Then to continue our success Medical Shipment need to continue to grow. We are looking to launch a private label and an application for home care providers as an authorized seller.

What’s the ideal experience for a customer/client?

At Medical Shipment, we pride ourselves on exemplary customer service. We like to be sure that we give our customers that “wow” feeling when they come on board. It is important to establish a personalized relationship so we like to send handwritten letters to ever new customer. Our reps are available to discuss orders at any time and be sure they are well taken care of.

How do you motivate your employees?

I think it is important to lead by example. When I see my employees take notice and then show that they have as much confidence in the company as I do… nothing can beat that feeling.

Can you share some career advice to others looking to start their own business?

Persistence- You shouldn’t be in business if you don’t have tough skin. You have to steer with confidence and prove wrong anyone who stands between you and your dream. It is also critical to multitask. In order to start, run and grow a successful business you have to learn to multitask and keep your head above water.

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